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"Falzon exposes the practical problems encountered by those who use the Bible as a moral compass." -- Star Observer

Praise for Being Gay is Disgusting

My friends always told me that I thought I was funny, and I'm gratified and actually quite humbled (but not really) that so many members of the press seem to agree!

Falzon has created a modern-day paraphrase of the Pentateuch that cuts out the "begats" in favor of telling the stories - including all the ridiculous parts that are often overlooked... a hysterically funny parody of the first five books of the Bible. Seriously - this is probably the best book I read all year. The entire thing is done in a fantastically witty and frank manner reminiscent of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.” -- The Bilerico Project

As someone who has never made it past the heavy prose and begetting (of which there is a painful abundance in the Old Testament), I learnt some weird and wonderful stories I didn’t even know were included in the Bible. So many people quote from or reference the Bible but they pick and choose which parts are relevant, meaning that often the good stuff gets missed out.” -- Out in Perth
The Bible is a long, tedious, redundant book to read. It’s easier for people to adopt what other people say about the Bible than read it for themselves... Falzon sets out to remedy Biblical ignorance by writing an entertaining, contemporary retelling of the Bible’s first five books using modern colloquial English... The successful result, intended to enlighten and educate, is a hilariously faithful summary...

"Falzon’s irreverent, mocking tone, beside being funny and entertaining (if not for the easily offended), ultimately reflects a much-needed moral outrage and confronts Biblical apologists with the question of how a text can contain so much that is morally reprehensible and still be considered sacred.” -- The Front Page
This cheekily-titled tome is a deeply satirical reading of the Bible, capturing the holy book’s essence ‘in the most modern and inappropriate way possible’. Falzon’s not just blindly bashing bible bashers though; he’s done his research to methodically, humourously expose the inaccuracies of the bible and the practical problems encountered by those who use it as a moral compass.” -- Sydney Star Observer
Complete with time-lines, charts, photographs and other illustrations, Being Gay Is Disgusting is Edward Falzon’s hilarious and eye-opening chapter-by-chapter retelling of the first five books of the Bible.” -- Gay Chicago Magazine
Falzon highlights the convenient rewrites and cherry-picking that others have done to cause harm. Cunning and funny, everyone is fair game here.” -- Instinct Magazine
Falzon does not interpret, embroider and conjecture. His very plain and simple reduction of what the Bible’s first five books actually say will outrage the fundamentalists but is the simple, if often absurdist, truth nonetheless.” -- Out in New Jersey

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Who is Edward?

Edward Falzon is a critically acclaimed author with almost one Pulitzer Prize. A semi-committed writer, he is adored by more than half of his family.

Edward completed his 20-city book-tour of North America in September 2012. Make contact to complain if he didn't visit you.

He's pro-gay, pro-abortion, anti-death-penalty, anti-religion and pro-just-be-nice-to-each-other-for-christ's-sake. Special thanks to the Secular Student Alliance for all their support!

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