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"Falzon’s accessible and jokey paraphrasing, complete with footnotes that alternate between informative and comedic (though sometimes both) makes the Bible's inglorious parts impossible to ignore." -- The Front Page Online

Accuracy Challenge

I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of writing a Bible that isn't technically accurate! Such an action would, of course, be totally immoral. So this page is for all of you who wish to pore through Being Gay is Disgusting with a more traditional Bible handy, to check if I got the paraphrasing right. If, at any time, you discover that I have wrongly described the events of any chapter, fill in this form and I will consider your corrections for the second edition of the book.

After all, if the King James can be re-released as the New King James, and the New International Version can be re-released as Today's New International Version, then I would be delinquent in my role as a newly arrived, world spiritual leader if I were not prepared to correct any errors I make in the Good Book, and I apologise in advance for any and all such errors.

...Come to that, I also apologise for my position of neutrality regarding the German invasion of Poland and for forcing Jesus to die on account of all the sinful deeds I personally committed in the 4,000 years leading up to his arrival on Earth 2,000 years ago. And just in case I 'choose' to become gay in the future, or if, alternatively, I realise in the future that I had always been gay in the future-past, I apologise and repent for that now, too. You know, just to save time.


+1 # gustavolk-swagen 2011-02-10 10:49
This is absolutely hilarious. I love every bit. Will purchase.
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