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"Falzon’s accessible and jokey paraphrasing, complete with footnotes that alternate between informative and comedic (though sometimes both) makes the Bible's inglorious parts impossible to ignore." -- The Front Page Online

About me

I was born in Sydney, city of sinners. In the mid-80s, my family moved North to Brisbane, city of slow-driving sinners. Raised Catholic, I came to my senses in my teens, partly because I found religion to be utterly boring, and partly because I discovered that girls were generally more worthy of my attention.

My interest in religion was rekindled to a certain extent when I, quite accidentally, went on a date with a Born-Again Christian. The interest wasn't spiritual, but rather social. It was strange to me that an intelligent, super-hot girl was so caught up in this thing called the Bible... which we began to read at the end of our first date. Not the best first-date in history.

So I started reading the Bible... and stopped shortly after, because it is, after all, a very long and boring book. It remains my considered opinion that, whether or not it is God's inspired Word, the Bible is quite possibly the worst-written piece of literature still in print today.

Inspired, though, by the potential of the stories that were buried under the tragic narrative style and twelve-hundred-year-long begat-a-thons, I set out to paraphrase the Good Book in a more readable way. Seven years later, Being Gay is Disgusting was born. Yes, seven years; I'm that lazy.

What people are saying about me... behind my back!
Amazing guy with an amaz­ing talent" - Paul, Australia
Falzon’s accessible and jokey paraphrasing makes the Bible's inglorious parts impossible to ignore - The Front Page Online
Some of it... is just completely dis­honour­able." - Lauren, USA
Are you sure he's not gay?" - Gay guy
I have no son!" - Edward's father

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Who is Edward?

Edward Falzon is a critically acclaimed author with almost one Pulitzer Prize. A semi-committed writer, he is adored by more than half of his family.

Edward completed his 20-city book-tour of North America in September 2012. Make contact to complain if he didn't visit you.

He's pro-gay, pro-abortion, anti-death-penalty, anti-religion and pro-just-be-nice-to-each-other-for-christ's-sake. Special thanks to the Secular Student Alliance for all their support!

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