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Blasphemy Day -- Because We Can!

September 30 2012 was the fourth annual Blasphemy Rights Day International, and we needed it this year as much as any other.

To the chagrin of anyone in favour of freedom of speech, such as Barack Obama , there are new calls at the United Nations to introduce an international law restricting blasphemy.

I had thought we had dispensed with this nonsense, but it would seem that as long as we condemn a video before we condemn a violent reaction to it, we'll always be bestowing power upon those who wish to pass this kind of law.

But what kind of law, precisely? If an anti-blasphemy vote is passed at the UN, what will the definition of "blasphemy" be? In a world where owning an iPhone is blasphemy in the eyes of some; in a world where Alber Saber is arrested without a warrant and beaten by interrogators, merely for questioning religion; in a world where Punjab Governor Salman Taseer was assasinated by his own bodyguard, not for blasphemy, but merely for suggesting that a death-sentence for blasphemy might be too harsh; what actions will constitute blasphemy and what penalties will be prescribed under this new international resolution?

More than that, what sanctions will be imposed upon a country who fails to stamp out blasphemous speech, print and behaviour to the satisfaction of the OIC?

No, a Blasphemy Rights Day is crucial, given today's religio-political climate. I did not have time to create a new video, so my silly contribution to Draw Muhammad Day shall have to suffice.

Semi-astute viewers will note the slideshow in my video. It is a series of images of Muhammad that were drawn, painted or etched by Muslims between the 11th and 20th Centuries. Only in the last decade or two does this seem to have become "offensive" to Muslims.

As a case-in-point, the image below depicts Muhammad being instructed by the Archangel Gabriel. It was drawn in the early 14th Century by Rashid-al-Din Hamadani , a Jewish-born Muslim, revered by Islam to this day . Where is the outrage that this image has existed for over seven hundred years?

Nevertheless, Egypt's Islamist president Mohammed Morsi rebutted Obama's recent call for free speech , saying, "Egypt respects freedom of expression, freedom of expression that is not used to incite hatred against anyone."

But let's take a quick look at this film . The really, really

Read the full story at Huffington Post.

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