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In Defense of Dinesh D'Souza

Don't get me wrong: I consider Dinesh to be wasting his time and brain power believing and proselytising things that are objectively untrue.

But this new fiancee-mistress "scandal" in which he has become embroiled is the embodiment of both the proverbial storm in a tea-cup and the abuse of religious power over even high-profile individuals. Fancy losing one's job over dating.

It seems that a conference organiser suspected Dinesh of (gasp!) spending the night in a hotel with a woman. He has been separated from his wife for two years, apparently at her behest, and the divorce is progressing. Meanwhile, he has started dating someone else. Where's the scandal?

The instigator of this firestorm is one Tony Beam, one of the organizers of the evangelical conference at which Dinesh delivered the keynote, who made clear , "I did not see them go into a room together; I did not see them coming out of a room together," but became "suspicious" when he did not personally witness Dinesh's fiancee, Denise Joseph, check into a separate room. I'm still looking for the scandal part...

Dinesh has stated that he did not, in fact, share a room with Joseph. Even in the account printed by World Magazine , wherein Dinesh admitted to sharing a room, nobody claimed or admitted to anything resembling an affair.

It takes a special kind of Christian mind to condemn a man for dating someone new after his wife leaves him. It takes a dedicated brand of ultra-conservatism to consider that sharing a room is so morally repugnant that a man should lose his job.

Dinesh is 51, not 14. He is of consenting age and presumably so is Denise. And according to every account of this so-called event, the only "immoral" characteristic seems to be that it "looks bad." This only demonstrates that the USA is drawing ever-closer to sharia values.

Irrespective of Dinesh's clear incapacity to grasp concepts like evolution -- though, oddly, this did not prevent him from getting a job at a university -- the notion that any employer is permitted to dictate the morality and private lives of their employees is unjust and we should stand up for everyone affected by it. Yes, even the Dineshes of the world. It is precisely this abuse of power (though with more serious consequences) that is preventing women from having the option of free contraception. This is

Read the full story at Huffington Post.


+2 # MutinyFever 2013-01-01 06:21
Why should anyone stand up for Dinesh D'Souza? These are the consequences of making crazy people your constituency. Dinesh has been wasting the time of university students since I was in college twenty years ago, and probably longer. He can't live up to the standards of merit, and he can't live up to the radical fundamentalist agenda. Where is the tragedy if D'Souza can't manage to maintain a career?
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0 # Dan 2013-03-23 15:24
Religion requires one to lie to one's self, causing delusion.
Some get pretty high/messed up on their delusion. Others get over it.

The basic concepts of Compassion, Honor and Responsibility were around long before the bible arrived.
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