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"Falzon’s irreverent, mocking tone, beside being funny and entertaining (if not for the easily offended), ultimately reflects a much-needed moral outrage and confronts Biblical apologists with the question of how a text can contain so much that is morally reprehensible and still be considered sacred." -- The Front Page Online

Christian Ignorance

I received an email today, through my site's Contact Me form (which I recommend to you all!) complaining that my book, Being Gay is Disgusting, ignores the New Testament:

Just wondering why you choose to completely ignore the New Testement which is what Christians today live by and have ever since Jesus came with his teachings of forgiveness, which override the Old Testement as anyone with a teeny tiny grasp of the Bible should know. The Old Testement teaches an eye for an eye, the New to turn the other cheek. Completely opposite! It's not hard to understand! I guess ignoring half the Bible to skew it allows you to get your 'point' across. Have a great day and good on you for writing a book and getting it published. :-)" - Leah, New Zealand

I get this a lot, and in fact, it's the reason I wrote the book. Amongst Christianity today is a demonstrable ignorance of their own Bible. Let me explain:

  • Any Christian will tell you that Jesus came to save us from Original Sin. Original Sin is documented in the Book of Genesis -- Old Testament.
  • Most Christians know that Jesus came to encourage adherence to the Ten Commandments -- book of Exodus, also OT. (Mind you, few would know that there are two completely different versions: Exod 34 is the first time the words, "The Ten Commandments" are found)
  • According to the New Testament, we can tell that Jesus is the anointed one ("Messiah") because he fulfilled all of the prophecies that foretold his coming. Where are the prophecies? That's right: The Old Testament.

So if we skip the Old Testament and go straight for the New, we lose the reason and foretelling of Jesus' arrival! Here's what we get:

A guy named Jesus, whom nobody was expecting, came for no reason.

It's not riveting stuff, is it?

So why didn't I cover the New Testament in my book? Well, the Bible is very long! I started at the beginning. But don't worry! In my future books, I'll be going through the whole Bible and I'll get to the NT soon enough - there's plenty of ammunition in there for me to make fun of Jesus as much as I made fun of Moses:

  • Jesus told us to hate our parents
  • Jesus couldn't recite the Ten Commandments
  • Jesus told us not to plan for the future
  • Jesus introduced the notion of Hell and eternal damnation

My book, which paraphrases the five books of Moses, covers 2,700 years of biblical history. To disregard it and yet say the Bible is your source of religion, morality, and so on, is to ignore the foundation of your own faith.

So, Leah, I didn't "ignore" the NT any more than Moses did; I'm just not up to that bit yet. The question is this: Are you ignoring the OT, because it's unsavoury? I can understand why most people do, except then you're ignoring all the reasons that made a Saviour out of Jesus, which leaves Christianity on shaky ground.

But disregarding all of this, it has been stated proudly by Christian lobbies that the book of Leviticus is their primary or sole source of belief that being gay is disgusting. It's only mentioned twice in 2,700 years, and less often than the prohibition against boiling a goat in the milk of its own mother, but Christians still claim that it's not them, but the Bible that requires them to outlaw gay marriage. Hypocrites, all.

Thanks for your letter, Leah. If you send me your address, I'll send you a free copy of my book.


-7 # Leah 2011-02-08 03:31
What a strange's not about ignoring the OT, it's about using it IN CONTEXT WITH THE NEW! Which -as you stated in your reply - you have not done. So thanks but no thanks for the offer of your book. I'm not into reading biased on-sided, pie eyed things that skew the Bible to make their own point. Cheers!
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