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"Falzon’s irreverent, mocking tone, beside being funny and entertaining (if not for the easily offended), ultimately reflects a much-needed moral outrage and confronts Biblical apologists with the question of how a text can contain so much that is morally reprehensible and still be considered sacred." -- The Front Page Online

God Hates Fags


Well, Being Gay is Disgusting is a book written in jest, as you should well know by this point. Granted, though, the Good Book does condemn gayness, and the individual in this video has a, shall we say, 'traditional' view of the biblical notion of homosexuality. I'd wager that with the exception of a very small minority of people, this video will likely offend - even those who voted yes on Proposition 8, I suspect.

But people! How can you reject someone's views merely because they follow biblical passages more strictly or more loosely than yourself, hmm? This is what you get for having a book that says everything in lots of different ways. People will often find the passages that support their own morality, and they'll run with it.

I added this video as a stark-but-apt example of the sometimes violently opposing views that people have on some topics, particularly when such views are sourced from the Bible.

"The Antichrist Bloody Beast Obama is going to become king of the world. Obama-the-Muslim is a monstrous sinner before God, promoting abortion, sodomy, proud sin and blasphemy. [and so on...]uot; - Open Letter from Fred Phelps, Westborough Baptist Church


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0 # Angelia 2014-05-30 00:50
Thanks for finally talking about >God Hates Fags
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