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"Falzon sets out to remedy Biblical ignorance by writing an entertaining, contemporary retelling of the Bible’s first five books using modern colloquial English. The successful result, intended to enlighten and educate, is a hilariously faithful summary." -- The Front Page Online


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I have a lot to say, but usually I just say it, rather than type. For 2012, due in part to my upcoming tour, I'm stepping up my text-based interaction with the Interwebs. This right here is where you'll find my own commentary and analysis of both current and iron-age affairs.

Be sure to comment! Agree or disagree, as you wish. I don't bite, unless you ask real nice. Just do yourself a favour and engage me and other commentators with something resembling respect. Naturally, you aren't obliged to show respect to ludicrous ideas, but saying an idea is ludicrous is a little different from saying a person's an idiot, no?

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Who is Edward?

Edward Falzon is a critically acclaimed author with almost one Pulitzer Prize. A semi-committed writer, he is adored by more than half of his family.

Edward completed his 20-city book-tour of North America in September 2012. Make contact to complain if he didn't visit you.

He's pro-gay, pro-abortion, anti-death-penalty, anti-religion and pro-just-be-nice-to-each-other-for-christ's-sake. Special thanks to the Secular Student Alliance for all their support!

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